Ahmed Abdullah's Dispersions of the Spirit of RA Traveling The Spaceways

“This is music that conveys a deep sincerity. Bands like this one might well be able to keep not only Sun Ra’s memory—but all that is good about jazz—alive.” — Rico Cleffi, AllAboutJazz.com

Track List

  1. We Travel the Spaceways
  2. 21st Century part 1
  3. 21st Century part 2
  4. 21st Century part 3
  5. Dancing Shadows
  6. Love in Outerspace
  7. Enlightenment
  8. East of Uz
  9. New Horizons
  10. They Plan – dedicated to David Baker


Ahmed Abdullah – trumpet, vocals
Billy Bang – violin
Craig Harris – trombone
Salim Washington – tenor sax
Alex Harding – barritone sax
Owuor Arunga – trumpet
Masujaa – guitar
Radu Oluwu Ben Judah – bass
Cody Moffett – drums
Monique Ngozi Nri – vocals, poetry
Miles Griffith – vocals
Louis Reyes Rivera – poetry